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Content Cleaning


HRN will utilize advanced products and systems for restoring a wide variety of different smoke or water damaged contents and will work with you and your insurance company to determine which items can be cleaned or restored. When smoke or water damage occurs, HRN works to restore all property to pre-loss condition whenever possible. In some cases, where the damage is severe, some items cannot be restored and some items may cost more to restore than their actual value. HRN will have trained insurance claim representatives working for you, who will advise and explain what our team of professional restorers can do in the case of smoke or water damage.


Content items are cleaned by our IICRC certified technicians who utilize an array of professional cleaning techniques. HRN is one of the few restoration companies who has a state of the art Fireline cleaning system that helps ensure your contents are cleaned and deodorized properly. HRN also works with your insurance company to ensure your textile and dry cleaning needs are met.


A challenging aspect of fire damage is that smoke and odors often affect rooms the fire did not touch. Professional help is needed as smoke and soot can continually cause damage to contents, as well as leave lingering odors that make the property uncomfortable or potentially a health risk. There are many processes for eliminating odors. While many odor control methods focus on masking the offending odor, HRN will use an array of specialized products and processes to deactivate offending odors caused by smoke damage on a molecular level. HRN uses Air scrubbers known as High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filtration to remove particles from the air, enhancing the efficiency of cleaning and clearing the air for safe breathing. Ozone is an oxidizing agent produced by a portable ozone generator that breaks down the molecular structure of odor molecules. We utilize an ozone chamber at our facility to remove any odors from smoke and/or fire damaged goods.


Some fires, water losses, and natural disasters require that your contents and furnishings be inventoried, packed and safely transported to the HRN secure, climate-controlled warehouse for cleaning, deodorization, restoration and storage until the structural restoration is complete. HRN restoration technicians are fully trained and IIRC certified professionals who will treat your possessions with the utmost care, while also keeping you informed and supporting you through the process. We utilize a proven process for inventorying, packing and safely transporting your contents and furniture to our cleaning and storage locations.


View some examples of our content cleaning and restoration work.


Find out more about the content cleaning process and hiring HRN to restore your home or business.

During the pack out and contents restoration process a professional restoration company will:

1. Have a supervisor onsite available to lead a team and assist with any issues or questions.

2. Coordinate activities with your insurance claims representative.

3. Separate items that will not be moved, including items that will not be restored. Once again keeping you informed and up to date on any items that cannot be restored. All items require your release before any disposal occurs to protect any sentimental items or family heirlooms from disposal.

4. Inventory, pack and transport items to a climate controlled warehouse.

5. Clean, deodorize, re-pack and store items in the warehouse as necessary.

6. Arrange for re-delivery of your household belongings once restoration and reconstruction are complete.

Our highly trained staff has the skill and desire to quickly return your house to your home. HRN is a proven restoration contractor, offering industry leading renovation services and quality construction. We know that one of the most important things to our customers is getting the family back in their home as soon as possible. We also know a disaster remodel is never planned, that is why one of our core values is the client experience.

We work with all insurance companies to advocate for the homeowner and develop a complete scope of damage and estimate for repair. Our professional staff will work quickly, meeting on site immediately with the adjuster to complete this process and get the ball rolling. Your Project Manager will always be available to meet and answer any questions you may have about the construction and renovation process, giving you the peace of mind that everything is being handled appropriately and professionally.

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